Nino redifines music,
with cross-genre songs
that will spark your imagination.

Cameron Nino delivers music that defies all genre classification, writing and producing with the singular objective of creating works of art that elevate the spirit and scintillates the senses. His new compilation of songs taps into our culture and explores the issues of the day with a playful, yet impactful delivery that is simply genius.

Carnegie Hall Symphony Series


In The Studio


The Roxy, Hollywood

Pre Grammy 2019 The Soiree Event

Laurel Canyon 2020

The home of Rock n Roll

Tropical Music Video

Promo Poster


The production of each song starts by defining the message and emotion. Each instrument is designed with great attention to detail.

Multi Instrumentalist

Nino's favorite instruments are the Cello and the Guitar. He incorporates his live sound into his music.

story teller

The lyrics of Nino's songs take you on a journey into self awareness, discovery of social responsibility and a call to action.

OUT is a definitive
compilation of Nino's music, an EP
of epic proportions.

Experience "OUT", Nino's new EP. This compilation is irresistible. Whatever your mood, wherever you are, however you feel, you will find it hard to turn off the music, as you groove and bop to the beat. This is the music you've always wanted to listen to. This is the collection that will define your taste in music. This, is the beginning of a new era of genre defying, timeless music. You deserve to let OUT and get OUT. This is for you.


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